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- Rail 

- Cover

- Rail Sign

- Cable Ties 

- Coat Hangers

- Laminater or Plastic Pockets


1. Identify a good site. 

Choose somewhere which can be seen so it is easy for others to donate and take coats but is also a little out of the way so not to create obstructions. If you can, choose somewhere which can provide shelter from the wind and rain or use a plastic cover.

2. Get a clothes rail ready. 

If you don't have one around the house, stores like Argos sell them, and they also sell clear plastic covers which are ideal to provide extra protection for the coats from the rain. 

Rail - £9.99 

Cover - £7.99

We have found its helpful to put some spare coat hangers in the rail, and best to cable tie them to the rail so they do not fall off and get lost. 

3. Make your sign.

It is important to tell people what the rail and coats are there for.

The wording we have found helpful to use is: "Need One? Take One, Want To Help? Leave One." 

Make the sign nice and big, A4 size is ideal, and make sure the 

sign is waterproof and easy to read. You could laminate it or put it in  a plastic pocket. Then staple the sign to the plastic cover or use cable ties to attach it to the rail.

Why not use a sign we prepared earlier? Click on the 'W' DOCX icons below. 

4. Spread the word and tell us!

Spread the word and tell us to inspire others to donate to your KINDCOAT rail or make their own!






Ready... Set.... Coats!


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